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Two Old Hippies

The storefront that’s hard to miss.

One of my favorite things about Nashville is the abundance of interesting, local restaurants and shops that have a uniqueness and charm you just can’t get from a chain. I first walked into Two Old Hippies when a friend of mine worked there and immediately fell in love. It’s stocked with intricate jewelry, fun novelty items, pretty art, vintage-inspired clothing, and has become my go-to spot for a little creative inspiration. My favorite elements of the store include walls lined with rock n’ roll memorabilia, “The Vault” which is a private guitar room, and a 60s-inspired Volkswagen bus right in the middle of the floor. Fun fact: drop by on a Sunday to catch the open mic sessions for kids in the afternoon!

Because everyone needs a chair that could potentially be found in Ozzy Osborne’s home.

The Vault.

An assortment of coffee table books for the living room.

A bus fit for the Magical Mystery Tour.

I loved the elephant more than the jewelry.

Rock N’ Roll Memorabilia: The Rolling Stones.

Strawberry Pretzel Salad

I’m not quite sure why this is called a salad as it is most definitely a dessert. This is my go-to for parties, holidays, or just a quiet dinner at home with friends. This bad boy also won me a Target gift card at a Christmas party back in December, so it’s got the friend stamp of approval. I made a version of this recipe and find that the colors and salty sweet flavors make it a must-have dessert year-round. Try switching out the Jello colors for different holidays (green for St. Patricks Day, red for Memorial Day, pink for Easter… the world is your box of flavored gelatin). A few tips:

1. Add a teaspoon of real vanilla to your cream cheese mixture.
2. Make sure not to over bake your crust or it will become like cement! (Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything)
3. Wait to assemble your layers until everything (crust, cream cheese filling and Jello) has come to room temperature.
4. I find it’s best when eaten cold so the layers hold their shape.

Enjoy! x