Why blog?: This blog is meant to be a creative outlet for me as well as a tool to brand myself as a choreographer, dancer and social media marketer. I don’t know what the future holds for me in my career, but I plan on making smart choices and always sustaining multiple sources of income. I hope to use this website to build a following of readers and grow my career in many directions.

Almost À La Mode: In French, À La Mode means fashionable, trendy, stylish and chic. Though I aspire to be all of those things in my life, I will most certainly fall short. Ergo, *almost à la mode.

Camera: Nikon D60 with this Nikkor zoom lens.

Images: Feel free to use them, just remember to include a photo credit (Tara Young | Almost À La Mode)  and link them back to my blog page.

Social Media: I have built my marketing career primarily around social media and digital marketing. Please contact me if you are interested in social media management for your business or if you’d like me to send samples/case studies of my work.

Design Work: While I don’t claim to be a graphic design expert by any means, I do have some experience in creating custom direct mail pieces, print ads, poster boards, websites, resumes and logos (including my Almost À La Mode logo) Please contact me if you are interested in design work for your company.

Content: Right now Almost À La Mode is categorized as simply a “lifestyle” blog, dedicated to things that inspire me on a daily basis. Posts range anywhere from food to fashion to travel and interior design. I am open to doing sponsored posts/advertising/giveaways for those who are interested. Visit my contact page for inquiries.


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