How To: Carrie Bradshaw Bun

Growing up as a dancer, I learned to perfect a sleek ballerina bun at an early age. I love that I never had to do anything special to make it work and it was an easy way to wear my hair off my face. However, as an adult I want to wear something that’s a little more chic and a little less “bunhead”. This tutorial is for a “Carrie Bradshaw bun” which is a more voluminous style that disguises even the worst of bad hair days.

Step 1: Pull hair into a high ponytail at the crown and secure with an elastic band.

Step 2: With a large paddle brush, smooth away any fly-aways.

Step 3: Starting from the bottom of your ponytail, start teasing hair with a comb to create some volume. Do this by holding the end of your ponytail and back-teasing from the tip to root.

Step 4: Don’t freak out when your hair looks like this!

Step 6: With your paddle brush, gently smooth out the top layer of hair in your ponytail, leaving the volume underneath in tact.

Step 7: Start wrapping hair in a bun shape, smoothing with your hand as you go.

Step 8: Secure bun with bobby pins around the base.

Step 9: Smooth away any more fly aways with paddle brush.

End result.


The Dry Bar

No cuts. No color. Just blowouts. The Dry Bar in West Hollywood was easily one of my favorite stops during my L.A. trip. Frequented by celebrities such as Amanda Bynes and Jennifer Love Hewitt with a full menu of hairstyles for just $35, I knew this chic salon was the perfect place to take my friend as a birthday surprise. The interior was light and airy and dotted with feminine details… and mimosas were on-the-house. The Dry Bar is a fabulous concept executed flawlessly. Offering only blowouts like the Cosmopolitan (loose curls), Mai Tai (messy & beachy) and Manhattan (sleek and smooth), I opted for a “Straight Up-Cosmo” which resembled the perfect mix of their signature, smooth blowout with loose curls. I loved the experience and can’t wait to go again, this time a little closer to home at the new Dallas location.

Can You Say Shellac?

Taking the old polish off

After hearing rave reviews about Shellac manicures for several months now I was eager to give it a try. Shellac polish differs from its predecessor in that it is nearly indestructible. The first manicure I got lasted over two weeks and had to be changed simply from nail growth, not from chipping. It also differs in that the whole procedure is done backwards…. your polish goes on first before any lotions, oils or other beauty products are applied. Your nails are completely dry after two coats of polish and “baking” in short intervals under a UV light.

In response to all the hype I must say I am now a big fan of Shellac* and highly recommend this manicure for ladies who don’t have the time or money to spend in a salon every week. It would also be a wonderful treat before a vacation or big event to ensure that your nails stay perfectly polished.

*I have been told that there are several Shellac imitators to beware of as they are lower quality and can damage your nails. From my understanding your best bet is to look for the original CND products for your Shellac manicure. Check out the website to find a Shellac Salon near you.

My Shellac manicurist is Mistey Moore at Salon 205 in McKinney, Texas.
Call 972.302.1408 to book an appointment. 

Cleaning the nail immediately after the polish is applied