Two Old Hippies

The storefront that’s hard to miss.

One of my favorite things about Nashville is the abundance of interesting, local restaurants and shops that have a uniqueness and charm you just can’t get from a chain. I first walked into Two Old Hippies when a friend of mine worked there and immediately fell in love. It’s stocked with intricate jewelry, fun novelty items, pretty art, vintage-inspired clothing, and has become my go-to spot for a little creative inspiration. My favorite elements of the store include walls lined with rock n’ roll memorabilia, “The Vault” which is a private guitar room, and a 60s-inspired Volkswagen bus right in the middle of the floor. Fun fact: drop by on a Sunday to catch the open mic sessions for kids in the afternoon!

Because everyone needs a chair that could potentially be found in Ozzy Osborne’s home.

The Vault.

An assortment of coffee table books for the living room.

A bus fit for the Magical Mystery Tour.

I loved the elephant more than the jewelry.

Rock N’ Roll Memorabilia: The Rolling Stones.


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