Black + Floral

{Dress: Target (old), Sweater: Forever21, Socks: similar, Shoes: similar, Pashmina scarf}

This is my solution to wanting to bust out a floral dress while being completely unprepared for my pasty, been-covered-up-all-winter-long legs to come out and greet the world once again. Keeping with the theme of this post, I categorize this ensemble as “in between” wear. I got the coverage I needed for a chilly morning then quickly ditched my sweater and scarf after lunch to enjoy the warmer afternoon weather.

Things I love about this outfit:
1. Over-the-knee socks are an unexpected retro accessory that are such a fun alternative to tights.
2. A budget-friendly, staple dress that just won’t quit. I’ve had it for years and continue to see it rotating through my wardrobe every season.
3. A pashmina from Italy- where it’s appropriate to wear scarves year round. Silly Italians.


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