Pinning Interests

I realize that Pinterest is no longer the new, shiny Internet toy and countless people have been bookmarking their favorite images for months now, so let’s just say I’m late to the game. Let’s also just say I’m officially addicted. I’m now planning a wedding, pining over couture clothing, building a dream house and making a grocery list that probably closely resembles Paula Deen’s (for the record, I’m currently single, broke, living in an apartment and trying to shed vicious post-holiday flab).

For those of you who may be even later to the game than I am, Pinterest is an online inspiration board that allows you to keep track of everything from recipes to wardrobe inspiration, reading lists, travel goals and much more. Since I’m constantly saving images to my desktop and filing things away that I want to remember “just in case”, I love that Pinterest allows me to keep track of photos I deem inspiring in an easy and organized way. I’m still working on building my boards but you can check out my pins HERE.


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