Bag Lady

It amazes me that men can survive every day without bags to carry around all of the seemingly necessary little things that I feel naked without. Some of my favorite posts from bloggers that I follow are ones where they reveal what they carry in their purses (I have this same curiosity when it comes to TV shows that reveal what people keep in their refrigerators).  As I was packing for my Nashville trip this past weekend, I decided to snap a picture of what’s in my bag, sans old receipts, gum wrappers and loose change.

Currently I’m carrying a basic Coach purse that accommodates a ton of stuff including an array of sunglasses, keys, emergency pain reliever, an old ticket stub {for this movie} and a few packets of Crystal Light for the occasional cocktail {see how I use them here}.

A self-filtering water bottle, Coach wallet, Tiffany’s coin purse, a Tide-to-Go pen, soft tooth picks and an assortment of candy {I like Dove dark chocolate and Jolly Ranchers}.

A pretty notebook to capture ideas, prayers, and other bits of information, my iPhone {with headphones}, peppermint gum, plenty of hair elastics and pins, Tokyo Milk lip balm and Chapstick, assorted lipsticks and lipgloss.


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