A Day at the Farmers Market

There may be nothing better than spending a beautiful, sunny, Sunday afternoon at the local farmers market. The smell of fresh produce and the multitude of colorful flowers warms my heart and inspires the chef/artist/gypsy in me. A friend of mine posted a while back about the importance of supporting your local farmers and the benefits of buying naturally-raised meat and produce. It’s an interesting read and got me thinking about how much more thoughtful and intent I would be about cooking fresh, healthy food if I improved the efforts I was making in buying that food.

Even so, much of my motivation to visit a farmers market tends to depend on the weather. Until now, record high temps in Texas have kept me away from the Dallas market. However, I didn’t miss the chance to visit the Larchmont Village Farmers Market in L.A. last week and took my time moseying through the booths, smelling fruit, tasting flavored salts and admiring unique jewelry. If you’ve never been before, I encourage you to take a trip to your local farmer’s market and see what you find, especially now that weather conditions are much more bearable. In addition to produce and flowers, local artisans bring an abundance of specialty items like jewelry, clothes and other household items to sell. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.


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