Working Girl Travel Tips

These past few weeks have been a busy, travel-filled whirlwind. 6 trips spread out over 3 weeks with sometimes only mere hours at home before jumping on a plane again. However, I am home now for what I know will be at least a week and I figured it was time to stop neglecting the blog. I thought I’d kick off the new season with some travel tips I’ve picked up while on the road. I’ve read plenty of other articles and blogs with tips for the frequent traveler, but I actually have a few tricks of my own to help make traveling for work (or pleasure) as easy as possible.


1. Pack light- One thing I have learned is that you will rarely need enough clothes to fill a large suitcase for a trip shorter than 5 days. Invest in a lightweight, sturdy carry-on bag and never look back. Not only are you saving yourself money by not checking your bags but valuable time when it comes to getting in and out of the airport. Flying with valuables? Keeping your bag with you at all times ensures peace of mind and keeps you in control of your belongings.

2. Toiletries- Every liquid you travel with should (and can) fit into a reusable plastic zipper bag. I don’t even unpack mine when I’m at home… I refill/switch out empty shampoo and face wash bottles and keep it under my sink in my bathroom. Put it in your bag last so that when you go through security it’s easily accessible.

3. Wardrobe- Bring a few key items of clothing that can be re-worn and restyled with other pieces. By packing neutrals you greatly open up your outfit possibilities  (like black slacks and skirts, nude/white tops, a pair of skinny jeans and denim shorts). You should be able to make-do with 1-2 pairs of pajamas and shoes. Your favorite flats/sandals (you know, the ones you wear with everything), one pair of nude heels and your tennis shoes are all you need in the way of footwear.

Packing essentials: Neutral heels and a compact bag of travel-size toiletries


1. Get some exercise- Sleep is your secret weapon while on the road, however it’s not always easy to come by. Pack a pair of workout shorts and a sports tank in your carry-on. A full day of work on top of hours of traveling and staying in a new environment is stressful on your body. Going to bed with all that built up tension can make for disrupted, uneasy sleep. Release some stress on the hotel treadmill, even if its only for 20 minutes. Giving yourself that time to decompress will help you more easily catch some zzzz’s.

2. Magnesium (Mg)- Drop by Whole Foods or a Vitamin Shop and pick up a bottle of magnesium caps. They’re a natural dietary supplement that encourage your body to relax. Go with these over a bottle of sleeping pills as they are non habit-forming and allow your body to naturally unwind, making it easier to drift off to sleep. Magnesium also has loads of health benefits and keeps your other bodily functions working properly 🙂

3. Bring a book- Studies show that falling asleep in front of a T.V. or computer screen can be disruptive to your sleep cycle. Instead, shut everything off and opt for reading before going to bed.

The best sleeping aids: a good book and Magnesium caps


1. Hydrate- I am the world’s worst about drinking water, but after traveling so much more frequently, I am now aware of just how essential it is. Gone are the days of ordering soft drinks or coffee on the plane. As soon as I get through security, I head to the nearest food stand and buy a large bottle of water. And alcohol? Forget about it. While it’s tempting to order a glass of wine with every (fully paid for) business dinner, try to limit it to one per trip. Keep the water coming to keep you hydrated and keep the extra lb.’s at bay.

2. Dining Out- Salads don’t always equal low calorie. Unless you’re ordering your salad with no cheese, croutons, salad dressing or other delightful toppings, you could be consuming a lot more calories than you think in an effort to be healthy (some popular restaurants have salads that range anywhere between 800-1000 calories). Many restaurants offer a “healthy” menu now that tell you the calorie count for each meal. Stick to that and don’t even look anywhere else.

3. Makeup- The recycled air in an airplane can be incredibly harsh and drying on your skin. While I typically skip foundation in lieu of a small dab of concealer and pressed powder, I now swipe on a tinted moisturizer before applying my makeup while traveling. It evens out skin tone and keeps skin hydrated while combating poor air conditions. As far as eye makeup goes, opt for a waterproof mascara during travel days. It’s smudge proof and more likely to stay put if you fall asleep on the plane.

4. Speaking of Hydration…- I have struggled with extremely dry bloodshot eyes on my trips. Consequently, another essential in my carry-on is a bottle of hydrating eye drops.

My secret weapons: H2O and tinted moisturizer


2 thoughts on “Working Girl Travel Tips

  1. You got it Tara! All excellent tips. I would add, carry a protein bar in your purse for when you can’t get food. (long meetings, no time for lunch, starving on the plane etc..)
    I also have some Vitamin B complex for stress, Vitamin C and D. And if I can’t find room for the tennis shoes, I bring a yoga CD and follow along in my room off the laptop. Sleep like a baby.

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