Bits of Happiness

Fried pickles and truffled popcorn at Tillman's Roadhouse

The latter half of last week turned out to be a little hectic. As a result, I never got around to doing my usual ‘Bits of Happiness’ Friday post. Even with a busy schedule, there were plenty of moments that made me smile so I figured I’d post anyway— 4 days late. One thing that’s making me particularly happy tonight is that I’m posting from one of my all-time favorite city’s: Austin, Texas. The food, the music, the energy… I can’t get enough of it and I’m happy to spend even just a night or two here. Here are some other things that brought me bits of happiness this week.

Waking up to find one of my lillies bloomed

New reading material

The Tyson Chandler from local crepe shack 'Flippin Out'

A birthday present from my mom that I can't wait to use


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