Citrus Cake

Stella McCartney’s spring 2011 collection looked good enough to eat and was the inspiration behind this vibrant, colorful cake. When I stumbled upon Apollinas’ recipe and began admiring the photos of this decadent dessert, I couldn’t help but feel challenged and inspired to create it for myself. As the weeks passed, however, I found myself putting it off because the recipe intimidated me. But, alas, I finally got around to applying myself and made the “Stella Cake” for a friend’s going away party. Though it was labor intensive, there is something so therapeutic about baking. Unlike cooking where a recipe is interpreted to one’s taste, baking is a science. If you follow the formula to a tee, you are pretty much guaranteed the result you were looking for.

This cake, if you can carve out the time to make it, is undeniably delicious. The citrus flavor is a refreshing alternative to a classic chocolate or vanilla cake and… well, it’s just pretty to look at.


2 thoughts on “Citrus Cake

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