Forestwood Flea Market

I am in the middle of an interior design crisis. My bedroom decor hasn’t been updated since college and I’m officially ready for a change.

In an effort to make some much needed updates and changes, and then finding myself too busy to finish them, I am now stuck with a room that is in decoration limbo. A new (bigger) mattress with old (smaller) bedding, a half-built bedside table and new accessories that are mismatched with my current color scheme. Sick of having it hang over my head, I have recently kicked into decorating overdrive to finish what I started months ago.

Lately I’ve been scouring antique shops, consignment stores and flea markets to find items that are unique and special to mix with some of my newer purchases. I hit the jackpot at Forestwood Flea Market where I picked up a few great finds, admired some truly unique pieces and stopped for a delightful lunch at the Garden Tea Room. Check back to see some before and after posts on my bedroom, complete with my new flea market finds.

Chicken Milanese at Forestwood Garden Tea Room

A tempting cherry pie for dessert

Unique hat boxes

Colorful stemware for special occasions



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