Concerts in the Garden

One thing I love about summer is the opportunity to do as many things outdoors as possible. While Texas day temperatures have hovered around a sweltering 100 degrees, the last few nights have been surprisingly pleasant and breezy. My friends and I seized the opportunity to try something new and trekked across town to Fort Worth for an Old 97s concert in the Botanical Gardens (see pictures from my last trip here). The band was pretty fantastic and I even got my first taste of summer fireworks two weeks early. With a spread of blankets, a box of fried chicken and a cooler of beer, it was quite possibly the perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.

{Colorful food carts against a tree-lined setting}

{Refusing to look at the camera for fear of "double-chin" syndrome}

{Refreshments line a bar cart along the edge of the garden}

{Lights create a whimsical atmosphere at dusk)

{The only clear picture of the whole crew, minus Rani who's been cut out}

{Fireworks show}


One thought on “Concerts in the Garden

  1. wohoo! how fun! sorry I wasn’t cooperating for the camera in the group photo… and sad that Rani and Kevin were cut out 😦 thanks for posting, Tara!

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