How to Heal a Sunburn

Last week I stupidly went to the pool without an ounce of sunscreen on my body in hopes of getting a little “base color” for about  30 minutes. Before I knew it, an hour and a half had passed and I was dozing on a pool raft under the harshest Texas sun. Folks, I promise I’m normally not this foolish, but I guess everyone has to get burned at least once in the summer to get their heads on straight about wearing sunscreen.

The burn started showing up later that night, and when I peeled off my top and jeans, I was horrified to realize how bad it was. Knowing that I did not want to walk around for the next several days looking like a lobster, I turned to the internet to find an at-home remedy to cure my sunburn as soon as possible. I followed these instructions and was absolutely amazed at the results. After one night of application, I woke up the next morning to find that my sunburn was all but gone. Here’s how I did it.

1. Steep 4-5 bags of black tea (I used Earl Grey and regular Lipton) in 2 cups of warm water until liquid is almost black.

2. Remove clothes and stand in your bathtub or shower to avoid staining or dying any fabric.

3. Once the tea is ready, use one of the bags as a sponge and dab gently all over the burned area, essentially giving yourself a sponge bath.

4. DO NOT RINSE! Let the tea dry completely and soak into your skin. I did 2-3 applications and left it on over night. Not only did the tea relieve the pain of the burn, it removed the redness and prevented peeling altogether.  I showered the next morning and then applied one more application which I left on for the remainder of the day. A quick rinse that evening and I was ready for a night out with my friends.


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