Healthy Cake Batter Shake

I merely had to see a picture of this smoothie before I was instantly set on trying it out for myself. I made this cheerful shake for breakfast to help kickstart my morning and switch things up from my usual egg and english muffin. Delicious? Yes. Tastes like cake batter? Not so much. However, it was very satisfying and starting my day with sprinkles delighted me to no extent. Plus, the great thing about recipes is that you can play around with them until you’re satisfied with the results. I’d like to take a tip from Chocolate Covered Katie and try adding a bit of coconut or macadamia nut butter and xantham gum for more cake batter flavor and consistency.

*I used almond milk in my recipe and added a few ice cubes


3 thoughts on “Healthy Cake Batter Shake

    • You can find the recipe by clicking on “this smoothie” or “Chocolate Covered Katie”. Since this is not my recipe I wanted to link it back to her blog!

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