Poolside Playlist

This week my poolside playlist includes everything from old favorites to new obsessions that instantly lift my mood and provide the perfect soundtrack for summer. Since music is a universal language that can connect and inspire different people from all walks of life, I would love nothing more than to get suggestions for new artists and songs from my readers. Here is what I’m currently listening to:

1. Around the Bend- The Astroids Galaxy Tour

2. Addicted to Love- Florence+The Machine

3. The Big Bang- Rock Mafia

4. All Together Now- The Beatles

5. Wanna Be Startin’ Something- Michael Jackson


What’s on your playlist this week?


2 thoughts on “Poolside Playlist

  1. Well not so much into music, but listening to the following
    1. New Foo Fighters! Excellent
    2. New Beastie Boys!
    3. Florence & The Machine
    4. The Battles – Ice Cream
    5. Enjoying the Mumford & Sons
    6. Thru in some Motley Crue since the show was last night!

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