Desperately Seeking Summer

Memorial Day weekend was the perfect break to transition into summer. I spent mine lounging by the pool and eating entirely too indulgently. Now that June is here, I am officially in summer mode and I’m desperately seeking some change. Not only am I dying to redo my entire bedroom and bathroom, but I am seeking some wardrobe updates as well. Here are a few things I wouldn’t mind adding to my closet and sporting all summer long.

1. Current/Elliot Boyfriend Cropped Jeans: $229.00 | 2. JCrew Faded Chambray Shirt: $78.00 | 3. Gap 1969 Denim Sleeveless Shirt: $44.95

1. JCrew Panama Hat: $58.00 | 2. Eugenia Kim Lauren Vintage Sisal Fedora: $297.00 | 3. Urban Outfitters Shallow Crown Fedora: $29.00

1. Topshop Sunshine Trim Shorts: $70.00 | 2. H&M Shorts: $17.95 | 3. Hallelu Retro Shorts: $35.00

1. Zoya Matte Polish in Phoebe: $8.00 | 2. Essie Pink Parka: $8.00 | 3. Deborah Lippman Between the Sheets Tantalizing Fushia: $16.00

1. Shashi Original Bracelet: $65.00 | 2. Anthropologie Dulcina Slingbacks: $92.00 | 3. Ray Ban Cats 1000: $179.00


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