Wish List: Kitchen Utensils

In keeping with my theme for food week, I couldn’t help but imagine what tools would make up my dream collection of kitchen utensils (what… you don’t dream about that?). Most of the appliances on my list are straight out of some of my favorite cooking shows (numero uno being this one) while others are some uncommon pieces that would add a little flare to any kitchen. While it would be close to impossible to buy all of these things at once, here are some kitchen gadgets and tools that I plan on collecting over a period of time.

1. Le Creuset Signature Oval Dutch Oven: $240.00 | 2. Classic IKON Santoku Knife: $99.95 | 3. Kitchenaid Standing Mixer: $239.00 | 4. Hand-forged Recycled Steel Veggie and Herb Chopper: $32.00 | 5. Cuisinart Food Processor: $299.00 | 6. Kitchenaid Immersion Blender: $99.99 | 7. Pampered Chef Cooking Stone: $28.00 | 8. Reclaimed Slate Cheese Board: $48.00


2 thoughts on “Wish List: Kitchen Utensils

  1. I totally dream about that all the time. I was shopping the other day and saw an “Iced Tea Maker” which is basically an oversized coffee machine that holds a gallon pitcher. I almost bought it, you know, cause it’s so hard to boil water to dump over tea bags. I’m just a useless kitchen gadget person I suppose. That Le Creuset dutch oven is on my wedding registry and that cheese board? Yeah, I totally want it now!

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