Meet Me In St. Louis

Greetings from the “Show Me” state. So far things are running smoothly here at the ACG Mid-America Corporate Growth Conference. My feet are sore from a 12-hour day in heels and my head is swimming with information, contacts, to-do lists and new ideas, but overall I think I’m adjusting pretty well. While I’m trying to get the hang of things at my new job, I’ve really enjoyed learning about St. Louis and all this city has to offer. It’s packed full of history, diversity and hip neighborhoods for great food and shopping. I don’t leave St. Louis until tomorrow morning but I’ve already begun to compile a list of my favorite things about this particular business trip:

– Italian food in a very authentic Italian neighborhood here, located on The Hill.
This attraction that I can see from the window of my 20th floor hotel room.
– Working The EIN TV Studio sponsored by these guys, who are partners with these guys, who give discounts on some pretty cool stuff.
– Learning about this monument, why it was built and driving past it every time we leave the hotel.
– An incredibly indulgent dinner at Herbie’s Vintage 72 in this cool little town
– An array of young, successful businessmen dressed in suits and consolidated into one place (okay, so they’re not all young; but enough of them are :))


One thought on “Meet Me In St. Louis

  1. How fun. Looks like this new adventure of yours will pan out nicely. God is SO good. When you get back to Texas, let’s schedule a time to meet up! -Raissa

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