A Night Out at the Drive-In

There is something so appealing about a new adventure that seems to take you back in time. Life can get pretty fast paced and sometimes it’s hard to remember to slow down and enjoy the simple things. So, when some friends of mine decided to trek 20 miles outside of the city to go to one of the last remaining drive-in movie theaters in Texas, I had to tag along. We saw Something Borrowed and Madea’s Family Reunion for a double feature show and, except for the actual movies themselves, everything from the screens to the previews appeared to be straight out of the 1950s.

As we munched on popcorn and candy while sitting outside under the setting sun, I couldn’t help but wonder why the concept of a drive-in movie has become so outdated. No, it wasn’t a 3D digital screen and, yes, the sound quality could have been better, but it was a much more intimate and enjoyable experience than just a regular night at the movies. The whole evening* was relaxed, fun and incredibly retro.

*However, I’ll remember to bring a jacket next time when staying for the double feature. Spring nights in Texas can get surprisingly chilly!


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