Packing Light

Sorry for the late post! I have been traveling all morning and struggling with my wi-fi connection at the airport.

Everything that's going with me on the trip

One adjustment that will take some getting used to with my new job is the amount of travel that is required. Today I am headed on my first business trip to St. Louis, Missouri which is the start of what will become a regular routine. Since getting felt up while going through security is hassle enough, I am learning to pack light in order to avoid long lines at check-in and baggage claim while traveling. I’m currently using a 21 inch carry-on that’s lightweight and has plenty of pockets. Since I’ve never been an efficient packer (I’m always the one sitting on her bag to get the zipper to close), I thought I’d be a goner when it came to packing light. However, with some careful outfit planning and the purchase of some bag organizers and travel-size toiletries, I’m fully packed for my four-day trip (complete with a different pair of shoes for each day) with plenty of room to spare!

Organized and efficient packing left lots of extra space in my carry-on

A lightweight laptop makes hauling it through airports and hotels that much easier

High heels to go with every outfit

Only staple pieces of jewelry came with my on my trip, like my Michael Kors watch

Instead of a purse, I brought this clutch for the occasional business dinner which easily fit in my laptop bag


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