Motherly Nostalgia

Since yesterday was Mother’s Day, I thought I’d do a special tribute blog to my mother. I have to admit that I’m showing off a little bit here because I happen to think Mom was absolutely stunning at my age and I had so much fun going through these pictures with her. She’s a former model, a Southwest Airlines alum, 80s hair icon and mother extraordinaire. Looking through old pictures reminds me of how much I love hearing her stories from when she was my age and comparing different life experiences. These images are some of my favorites because they show a woman who is not only beautiful, but who is full of life and joy. Celebrating her and the love she has shown me throughout my life is truly an honor; I am so very blessed.

Pregnant with me at her first baby shower

Mom as a flight attendant for Southwest

Mother, daughter

One of my favorites- Mom on the catwalk during her modeling days

More modeling... ↑ Not Dad.

Christmas memories

Gotta love those sunglasses

Windblown beauty


4 thoughts on “Motherly Nostalgia

  1. Yep…….that’s the wonderful woman I married over 27 years ago. She was beautiful then, and still is today. Thanks for publishing these GREAT pics of your mom, Tara. And regarding the pic with the “male model”, just remember that I got the girl, and he didn’t. 🙂

  2. Love the pics of your mom! I am just as proud t0 be her sister as you are to be her daughter! I am new to the blogging world and very impressed with Almost a’ la mode. Congratulations on your new job and I look forward to keeping up with your new project.

  3. Tara, those pics bring back so many memories. Your Mom has always been beautiful inside and out. She is my most cherished friend. I am so excited to see how God is moving in YOUR life. I know He has GREAT things ahead for you!!!! I am so proud of the beautiful, intelligent, caring, precious woman of God you have grown up to be!!

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