The Girl is Alright

This past month has been a season of changes and new beginnings in a few very big ways. 4 weeks ago, the company I worked for announced that they would not be able to make payroll and life sort of came to a halt. I made the choice that day to part ways with the company which they counted as a reduction of force, or a layoff. They have since shut their doors permanently and I have had to make some profound adjustments to my every day routine.

After being laid off I was at a loss of how to tell people about what I was going through. With the exception of a few friends and family members, I have mostly kept the news of my current situation to myself. I was trying to sort through a mix of emotions from embarrassment to fear to relief and explaining the details of everything quite frankly required more effort than I was willing to give.

I have been forced to look to and depend on God in every single way these past few weeks and He has faithfully provided. I’m happy to say that I started a new job on Monday and things are looking up. After having 3 offers on the table, all wonderful positions with incredible companies, I begged God to shut doors so I could be clear on where I should go. When the time came to finally make a decision, I started to realize that there wasn’t really a wrong choice. I believe God would have blessed any direction I had chosen and I am happy with my decision.

I am now working as the Event Manager for The Executive Insight Network and am looking forward to my first business trip next week. Right now it’s a little overwhelming and closely resembles drinking from a fire hose, but I’m looking forward to finding my niche there. Another perk? Working from home. I love the freedom it gives me and certainly beats sitting behind a desk all day.

Sorry for the long post, but I have seen how God can take a pretty bleak situation and completely bless it and turn things around. I am so happy to have the love and support from my friends and family and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Some of my favorite perks of working from home include:

Early mornings at my new desk 🙂

An excuse to buy new luggage

My work companions


3 thoughts on “The Girl is Alright

  1. God is soooo good!!! Prayers were definitely answered. Congratulations on your new job…they are lucky to have you on their team.

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