Closet Clutter

The mess pile- after it had been moved from the bathtub to the floor

Where the mess pile used to live- only half of it fell down

Pants and skirts used to hang two, sometimes three to a hanger

I was reaching to get a clutch from the top shelf in my closet a few days ago when suddenly a whole slew of purses, scarves, hats and a tennis racket… yes, a tennis racket, came tumbling down on top of me. The time had come to clean out my closet. Knowing how I tend to procrastinate on these things, I wanted to ensure that I’d get to it sooner rather than later and tossed the mess into my bathtub, which should have prevented me from showering until the closet was taken care of (I don’t know… just go with me on this one). When I could no longer stand the sight (or smell) of myself, I opted to move the clutter into a big pile on my bathroom floor so I could at least go out in public again without scaring people away. My clutter pile lived on my bathroom floor for several days before I finally got fed up with it.

After an evening full of sorting, tossing, finding old gems and reorganizing, my closet is finally back in top order. Four bags of clothes are headed to the Salvation Army and I now have room for some fun new summer dresses and other seasonal staples I’ve been waiting to purchase. What are your tips for closet organization and maximizing the use of a small space?

I purchased this inexpensive drawer organizer to hold everything from scarves to swimsuits

Old purses now have a place and clutches that I use often are easily accessible

Clothes are color-cordinated which gives the space a more pristine feel

Clip hangers allow skirts to hang more neatly

Since I couldn't bring myself to part with any shoes, this area is still cluttered, albeit more organized with a standing shoe shelf

Items headed to the Salvation Army


3 thoughts on “Closet Clutter

  1. Thank you, Victoria! I hope you saw my post on Styled. 🙂 I am such a fan of your blog and the new mag… thanks for visiting!

    xoxo Tara

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