Tart Bakery

The one and only rule at this charming pastry boutique? Eat dessert first. I have to admit that I’m a little bit biased towards Tart Bakery for one very big reason: I used to work there. However, I honestly believe it has some of the sweetest treats you could hope to find in the city of Dallas.

As you’re driving down Lover’s Lane you could easily pass this place without ever knowing it’s there. The parking is limited and the building is unassuming, but inside you’ll find candy lining the walls, adorable gift displays and a case of pastries that will make your mouth water. On this particular visit I walked out with a couple of my favorites: a vanilla petit four and an assortment of French macaroons. However, being a bit of a Tart expert (oh yeah… you better believe I tasted EVERYTHING when I worked there… and yes, my waistline did suffer), here are some of my favorites that you simply must try when you go.

– Any of the cupcakes with sweet cream icing. I have literally seen people ask for this icing by the cup-full.
– The truffle cake. It’s a flourless chocolate cake with a molten center and is absolutely to die for. And, since it’s flourless, this is the perfect treat for those who are gluten free!
– The brownie. It more closely resembles fudge and comes dusted with powdered sugar.
– A whoopie pie. I still maintain that Tart was the first to bring this trend back to Dallas! Go for the red velvet.
– If you’re ordering one of their custom-made cakes, try the tres leches. One word: heaven.


2 thoughts on “Tart Bakery

  1. I miss indulging in those scrumptious treats that you used to bring home once a week when you worked at Tart. The truffle cake was by far my most favorite thing…”to die for”!!! It may be time for a road trip to the Park Cities to get some goodies from Tart. BTW your pictures of the pastries are beautiful.

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