Crave or Save: Gladiator Wedges

Boy do I love a great bargain. Shopping tends to overwhelm me at times but there’s nothing better than walking away with a purchase that you feel good about and know you bought for a great price. I had been lusting after these Cynthia Vincent Luella Wedges for some time, having seen them on the likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Amanda Bynes and some of my favorite bloggers. However, the price that easily equaled a good chunk of my rent check meant that I’d have to admire these beauties from afar.

Enter the new Dolce Vita for Target line of shoes. This pair that I picked up for a mere $30.00 had all the elements I loved from the CV creation. Gladiator straps, tobacco color with tan heels and bold buckles around the ankle. Finding this substitute has almost made me as happy as if I were to have gotten the real thing. Almost.


4 thoughts on “Crave or Save: Gladiator Wedges

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