Dinner Party

What do you do when you never get to properly celebrate a friends birthday? Cook her a fabulous dinner, buy her favorite wine and make sure to include the little things that will make the night special. As was the case last week when my roommate and I decided to have a little belated birthday dinner for one of our good friends. On the menu: Bacon-wrapped filet mignon with béarnaise sauce, zucchini gratin, garlic bread and plum tart with vanilla Grater’s ice cream. Decadent? Yes.

For a dinner party, it’s the little touches that seem so minute but really make a big impact for your guests. A beautiful place setting, colorful flowers for a center piece, tea candles on the table, a friend’s favorite wine to go with dinner (even if it’s a different color or type than you would have served with your meal) and a beautiful, homemade dessert. Of course you could be more extravagant if you wanted to, but this is my recipe for simple and fun dinner parties for 3-4 friends. I can’t wait to host another one to include an appetizer menu, diverse wine selection and custom-made place cards.


2 thoughts on “Dinner Party

  1. Ditto to the previous comment. I’m sitting here wishing I lived closer to you so I could come to one of these dinner parties you throw! Looks delicious!

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