Down in Deep Ellum

This past Saturday I ventured into East Dallas to soak up some sun and culture at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market. This was people-watching at its best with an eclectic cast of characters to be seen around every corner. Everything from the beautiful weather to the kitschy souvenirs was a feast for the eyes as we slowly worked our way around vendor booths that were selling everything from vintage goods to local honey. Deep Ellum is only 3 blocks east of Downtown Dallas but sometimes feels as though it’s miles away.

The birthplace of many local bands, this renovated warehouse district is the place to find the best music, food and art in the entire city. The development of the music scene dates back as early as the 1920s when it became a hot bed for early jazz and blues musicians. Deep Ellum is home to a vast array of local businesses and its 170 acres is one of the best cultural experiences the city has to offer. I’m excited to go back this Friday to see some of my favorite artists play at Prophet Bar and Dada.


4 thoughts on “Down in Deep Ellum

  1. So glad you got down to Deep Ellum. One of my favorite places. 🙂 Chris used to have a shop down there on Main Street during the 90’s. One of my favorite things to do was sit in the shop late at night and people watch through the window. Some interesting characters to say the least populate Deep Ellum. So many fun memories! If you kids ever want to get out during the week, Chris plays every Tuesday at The Bone (right next door to Dada). Best rooftop patio in Dallas! You would love the views. Have fun at Dada. That’s where Chris and I met! xoxoxoxo

  2. I love your post! I’m the girl from Feed the Birdies Vintage that had the paper in your photo…if you ever want to do a giveaway on your blog let me know! 🙂 So glad you came down to Deep Ellum…the people watching is the best. haha!

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