Country Escape

Horses grazing in a nearby pasture

I would definitely classify myself as a bonified city girl, but there is a side of me that loves escaping to the country every once in a while. My parents recently bought a house in Lucas, Texas and visiting them is like a little getaway. It’s quiet, beautiful and has all the comforts of home. In an effort to soak up the pleasant spring weather before temperatures skyrocket this summer, I find myself simply driving around, windows down, music up and stopping to take beautiful pictures whenever I can while I’m there.Whether I’m soaking up the beautiful weather outside, curling up with a comfy blanket for a nap or lounging on the couch watching a good movie, going home is just good for the soul. Soon, I want to host my friends out there for a day of grilling outside and a scary movies at night.

Gets me every time

Happy dogs are the ultimate comfort of home

A stack of DVDs that were quickly trumped in lieu of a nap

Nearby neighbor

Springtime blooms

Blogging on the weekend

Risky Business-esque attire for a lazy day


One thought on “Country Escape

  1. It is lovely out here right now! You caught Robby laying on the back of the sofa which is a “no no” for him. He obviously does what he wants to when I’m not around…haha! That little devil. The horse pictures turned out great. You’ve gotta add “Damages” to your lazy day list. It’s really good!

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