Timeless Style: Faye Dunaway

I love looking back at style icons from previous decades and still being enamored with their fashions. Faye Dunaway is no exception with a look that, to this day, remains classic, chic and beautiful. When I saw Bonnie and Clyde for the first time, I remember being surprised at just how beautiful she was and immediately wanted to go home and try my hand at winged eyeliner and a bold red lip color. I love that she made a fitted cardigan and calf-length skirt sexy. The only thing that stood out more than her style and beauty was her presence on screen

Who are some of your classic style icons?

Simple v-neck camisoles and delicate necklaces add a feminine touch to her style.

Perhaps her best-known look with a delicate, ribbed sweater and (of course) the bandana scarf, beret and A-line skirt.

A classic tote that's not only "practical", but stylish.

*Images via Google Images


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