The In-N-Out Secret

Signs are up at the Allen location

It’s one of the worst kept secrets to date since it’s really only a secret by omission, but as In-N-Out makes its way to North Texas for the first time, I figured some of my fellow Texans might not know about the off-menu items or the “secret” menu, as it’s often referred to. Any west-coaster can rattle off about “animal style” versus “protein style” and we need to make sure we can keep up! While I usually try to stay away from fast food, I haven’t had an In-N-Out burger in over two years and I’m tired of waiting.

Here’s your guide to In-N-Out’s secret menu:

Animal style: Basically a concoction of grilled onions, chopped pickles and thousand island dressing that can be added to your burger, fries and even your grilled cheese. Your patty is mustard-grilled (painted with mustard before being cooked).

Protein style: No bun! Your burger comes wrapped in lettuce.

Flying Dutchman: No bun, and no lettuce either. Just two slices of meat and two slices of cheese.

Grilled cheese: We may be in Texas, but we still have some lonely vegetarians amongst us meat-eaters.

Extra Crispy and Extra Extra Crispy: Fries are cooked till they’re really crunchy or resembling crackers.

Cheese fries: Fries come drenched in cheesy deliciousness.

Neopolitan or Black and White: Refers to mixing your milkshake flavors any way you’d like.

The 3 x 3: Like the 2 x 2, but with three patties and three slices of cheese.

The 4 x 4: You guessed it, four patties and four slices of cheese.

Another little secret: In-N-Out remains privately owned by the Snyder family who started the business in 1948. Because of the family’s traditions and beliefs, they print bible verses on the bottom of every beverage cup and burger wrapper. Learn more about In-N-Out’s history here and check out a few other fun tidbits (like how they treat their customers and employees and why they’ve collected a loyal following that includes A-list celebrities) in this write up in D Magazine.

There now… don’t you feel just a little bit cooler? 🙂


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