Childhood Dreams

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As we get older, remembering our thought processes from when we were children gets harder and harder. After the week I’ve had, I was inspired to think back on the trivial little things I used to dream about when I was younger. Times may be different for all of us now but it’s fun to recall those things we would dream and hope for as children. Here were mine:

1. Glasses (With 20/20 vision all my life, this one frustrated me… I used to buy fake ones at Claire’s or The Icing)
2. Straight, blonde hair and blue eyes
3. Sandwiches with white bread
4. To be a part of the Tanner family on Full House
5. Crutches or a cast on my arm or leg (didn’t really think that one through)
6. A water bed
7. A real princess tiara… or really just to be a real princess… or a Disney princess
8. To be able to sing (this one hasn’t gone away)
9. An older sibling
10. To be the pink Power Ranger

What did you wish for as a child?


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