Everyday Essie

There’s nothing this girl loves more than to be pampered at the salon with a mani/pedi. However, the salon price makes going regularly unrealistic for my working-girl budget. Since pretty nails in the brightest of colors make me incandescently happy, I have mastered the at-home manicure that tides me over between salon visits. Essie polishes are my favorite for a few reasons. The smaller brush makes painting natural nails easier, there are plenty of fun colors to pick from and the polish is high quality and is less likely to chip.

A few tips:

It’s important to prep the nail before painting. Clip nails short, file so the edges are slightly rounded and buff out the ridges with a nail buffer. Wash hands and clean nails with non-acetone nail polish remover to ensure the polish really sticks to the surface.

Apply 2 coats of polish and allow to dry for a matte finish. Apply clear top coat for glossy finish and extra resistance against chipping.

*Wearing Essie “California Coral” and “Looking for Love”.


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