On My Mind

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Every issue, InStyle does an On My Mind segment that’s always inspirational. After seeing a few other bloggers do the same, I thought I’d make my own version. Here is what’s currently on my mind for spring:

Morning perk– Baylor Homecoming Special coffee in Texas Pecan… my roommate and I always pick up a few bags every time we’re in Waco and love grinding the beans every morning for a fresh pot. On the weekends, we indulge with Bailey’s Irish Caramel Creme. Sic ‘Em.

Beauty Palette
Pur Minerals pressed mineral powder, bronzer and blush; Maybelline “Define A Lash” mascara, pink lips and Too Faced Natural Eye Kit… I want to start playing around with lipstick colors more this spring with some punchy pinks and bright corals. 

Spring fetish- 70s Glamour… flared pants have me excited since I don’t particularly pull off the skinny jean look (no matter how hard I try); exotic jewels, super high platforms, leather satchels and maxi dresses are all representative of a sophisticated and bold 70s style.

Guilty pleasure
– Froyo… I go at least twice a week. I love mixing the flavors! Favorite toppings include fresh berries, granola and mochi.

Next purchase
–  New bedding for my new queen-size mattress. I have been admiring this set from West Elm for a while.

Signature scent– I have a few different perfume’s that I like to switch out daily but my favorite is classic Ralph Lauren Blue or a dab of white musk oil (I think this is a Southern thing… my mom told me once that it’s a smell that attracts men, :))

Just saw-
Braveheart… for the first time. I know, that’s terrible. According to my movie-fanatic neighbor, next on the list of must-sees is Pulp Fiction. (What’s on your must-see list?)

When time and budget allow, I will be back at Camp Gladiator, voted best bootcamp in Dallas!

Favorite happy hour- Sipping a glass of vino at home with friends or here and here. It’s so fun to pair different wines with fruit and cheese.

Craving- A trip back overseas to Europe with Spain, Czech Republic and Germany on the itinerary.


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