Ladies Who Brunch

Brunch could be, without a doubt, my favorite meal of the day. I look forward to it every weekend, whether we decide to go out to one of our favorite brunch spots or sleep in and cook at home. Either way, there are a few key ingredients that I always go for to make brunch an extra special meal:

Something sweet: Banana nut bread, fruit salad, cinnamon rolls, coconut cupcakes, cranberry orange scones, coffee cake… and those are just a few of my favorites 🙂

Something savory: When I eat out, I always go for things that are harder to make at home, like Eggs Benedict. When I’m cooking, I love to make omelets and frittatas or keep things simple with soft scrambled eggs.

Booze: Any meal that makes it perfectly acceptable to drink before noon is A-OK in my book. Mimosas, bellinis, poinsettas, Bloody Mary’s, coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream… I’ve done it all and could no sooner choose a favorite.

What are some of your favorite brunch traditions?


5 thoughts on “Ladies Who Brunch

    • Mmm, sounds delicious! Ironically, whenever we go to our favorite brunch spot I am always torn between Eggs Benedict and French toast. I like your idea of just doing both!

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