Complimentary dessert from room service

Flowers at the Botanical Gardens

The Circle Theater where we saw Boeing Boeing

When spring break rolls around, the tendency is to go all-out and plan a big (and often pricey) trip. My friends and I were no exception and started daydreaming about destination possibilities months ago. However, by the time the breaking of spring rolled around, we had quite a different plan than we initially imagined.

We opted for a staycation in Fort Worth. Since I don’t technically get a spring break and the drive was only about 40 minutes from Dallas, “Cowtown” ended up being the perfect weekend getaway. With the money we saved on a flight and Priceline-ing a great hotel, we were able to splurge on other things that made the trip extra special.

Here are a few highlights from my Fort Worth staycation:

– Complimentary dessert sent to our room from my friend’s Dad in Chicago (thanks, Steve!)
– St. Patty’s Day celebration in Sundance Square here
– A day at the Botanical Gardens complete with photo shoot
– Indulgent lunch and dessert at Reata
– Safari animals at the Fort Worth Zoo
– Sex and the City-style Cosmopolitans at underground jazz lounge, Scat
– Seeing Boeing, Boeing at the Circle Theater
– Watching these guys at the Fort Worth Stockyards
– Authentic Tex-mex at Joe T Garcia’s
– Josh Turner headlining for my first time at the world’s largest honky tonk

Enchilada lunch at Reata

Carriage rides in Sundance Square


The Fort Worth Zoo

Cowboy at the Fort Worth Stockyards

Longhorns in the Stockyards Cattle Drive

Cowgirl attire for Billy Bob's


4 thoughts on “Staycation

  1. Love it! Texas is a perfect destination this time of year — I have Houston’s weather in my iPhone and it’s amazing right now! And you look so cute — how fun!

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