Maxi’d Out

Images via "Possessionista"

I seem to be perpetually plagued with a case of the Monday’s… every Monday. Without fail. However, these past few months there has been a saving grace to the dreaded start of the work week— a weekly Bachelor watch-party with my friends complete with wine, chocolate and lots of girlie squeals. Shameful, I know. Now that Bachelor Brad has chosen the beautiful and charming Emily Maynard, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself on Monday nights.

Even though the Bachelor is over, the fashions from the show still have me intrigued. It seems that every bachelorette from seasons past has had a signature look… Jillian rocked the rompers on her season and Ali wore every shade and style of yellow she could get her hands on.

For Emily it was the maxi dress. And when choosing an outfit for a beautiful spring day spent entirely outside during my “staycation” this past weekend (more on that in tomorrow’s post), I was most inspired by this look.

Emily’s version: T-Bags Maxi Dress (no longer available), $193.00
My version: Charlotte Russe, $36.50

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